12 Nov 2022 - dizzyg

Thinking about corporeality this morning. The entanglement between the physical nature of computers and the esoteric nature of the data stored upon them. We really are playing God, but I don’t know that it is truly playing, or if playing by it’s nature is just living or if Play is just a name we made up when we can’t tell if it’s serious or not. I’m under an impression that serious people are emulating seriousness, when in fact, it’s an act and they couldn’t possibly be serious at all. Who can seriously be serious when this shit is so FUCKING FUNNY. We are children. Always have been, always will be. Anyone who thinks they’re otherwise are sorely mistaking themselves for more than they are. Let go of adulthood. It’s made up. It’s always been made up. Be a kid. Be yourself. This is Neverland.